Kölner Handschrift in Wales online


Peniarth 481D is a manuscript written on parchment in the late 15th century. The manuscript is in two parts, and it is likely that both parts were bound together as one volume from the outset, probably in England. This is one of the most elaborately decorated medieval manuscripts in the Library, and a rare survival in its original binding. […]

The first part of the manuscript was written by an English scribe and illustrated by a Flemish artist. It contains two texts:

the popular Latin textbook of proverbial advice called Disticha Catonis (‘The Distichs of Cato’), with Benedict Burgh’s Middle English paraphrase in rhyme royal interposed (ff. 1-27);
the Latin text of Historia de preliis Alexandri Magni (‘The History of Alexander’s Battles’, J1 version), based on a 10th century translation into Latin by Leo of Naples of a Greek text (ff. 30-98).

The second part of the manuscript was written and illuminated in Cologne (ff. 99-167). It contains John of Hildesheim’s 14th century Historia trium Regum (‘History of the Three Kings’), accounting for the presence in Cologne of the relics of the Magi mentioned in Matthew’s Gospel.

Die Handschriftenseiten sind zoombar.

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